Onze buiken kruipen over elkaar

In this work I explored what it would look like if I were to transform into a snail. Taking the fact that snails don’t only inhabit their snailshell, but that this home is also part of their body as a starting point, I try to see what the relation between my body and my living spaces is. In doing so I try to see the state of transformation as an identity in itself which breaks free from labels and dualities. In this work I actively try to create a space for myself outside of the scientific categorizing system. By this I become more aware of my humanness, whilst being inspired by the snail’s flexibility, genderlessness and endless growth of it’s shell.

This work is a video installation which shows two screens mirrowing each other. One film shows me going through my living spaces and the other shows me going over a chair covered with plaster. I slide through the spaces on my stomach. One video is shown inside an installation of furniture covered in plaster, the other is shown on a wall with two chairs in front of them where you can sit and listen with headphones to the crackling sound of the plaster breaking. The video technique used is stop-motion.

Finals exposition Fine Art (BEAR) Artez Arnhem 2022 – pictures by Django van Ardenne